Best Robot Lawn Mower Reviews

It’s been a little longer than expected, but here’s the update we promised about the best automatic lawn mowers you can buy. More specifically, this is about where you can learn more about robot mower makes and models.

To be brief, we highly recommend reading lots of robot lawn mower reviews to learn as much as possible about the technology and what’s on offer. That’s the best way to familiarise yourself about the purchase you are about to make, and reduce the chance of buying a dud.

Of course, there are a number of clues you can look for to help you have confidence in the information you’re reading. One great hint is to see some well known brands scoring well in the write ups. For example, you’ll see names that you’re unlikely to have come across in other markets like Robomow and Worx, but you’ll also wee very famous names too like Flymo.

In general, the presence of big brands should add a degree of confidence in your decision, as typically small brands tend not to advertise their big rivals so the risk of information bias will be lower. Big brands themselves tend to promote their products on their own websites, so you’ll know when you’re reading their own marketing spin.

To be clear, we’re not necessarily saying that the big brands make the best mowers, but you should expect to see at least one or two names you recognise on a reputable review website.

Robot mowers aren’t cheap to buy, but they do offer a much cheaper way to keep the lawn neat and tidy than hiring a gardener to do so for you. If it’s a job you don’t enjoy, or is simply getting a bit too much for you, then this may well be just what you need.