World of Warcraft has a large range of characters in the game, which is what gives the game it’s immersive and addictive nature.

In this section we’re going to look at 20 of my favorite characters, with a little detail about what’s so remarkable about each…

CharacterWhat They Say 🌟What I Love 🤪
Thrall (Go’el)Former Warchief of the Horde and a central figure in many of WoW’s storylines.Our green-skinned hero! Once a gladiator, Thrall rose to become the wise Warchief of the Horde. He’s a shaman with a big heart, always seeking peace and unity.
Varian WrynnThe late King of Stormwind and a major figure for the Alliance.Stormwind’s brave king! Varian faced kidnappings and amnesia but always returned stronger. A true lion-hearted leader of the Alliance.
Sylvanas WindrunnerFormer leader of the Forsaken and a Warchief of the Horde. She’s played a central role in recent expansions.From elven ranger to Banshee Queen! Sylvanas leads the Forsaken with fierce determination. She’s had her controversial moments, but there’s no denying her impact!
Jaina ProudmooreA powerful mage and leader within the Alliance.A mage with flair! Jaina’s journey from diplomat to war-torn leader is epic. She’s a beacon of hope and strength for the Alliance.
Arthas MenethilThe Lich King, one of the primary antagonists in WoW’s history.Oh, Arthas! From prince to the chilling Lich King. His tragic tale of love and loss is a cornerstone of WoW lore.
Illidan StormrageThe self-proclaimed “Betrayer” and a central figure in the Burning Crusade and Legion expansions.With glowing eyes and tattoos, Illidan’s the “bad boy” of Azeroth. Dubbed the “Betrayer,” he’s had his ups and downs but always steals the show.
Tyrande WhisperwindHigh Priestess of Elune and leader of the Night Elves.Graceful and fierce! Tyrande, the moonlit priestess, leads the Night Elves with passion. Her love story with Malfurion is timeless.
Malfurion StormrageThe first druid and a key figure in Night Elf history.Nature’s best friend! Malfurion, the first druid, has a calm demeanor and a deep connection to Azeroth’s wilds.
Anduin WrynnThe young King of Stormwind, succeeding his father, Varian.The young and hopeful king! Anduin’s kindness and wisdom shine, proving age is just a number when leading the Alliance.
Gul’danA powerful orc warlock and central antagonist in several expansions.A master of dark magic! Gul’dan’s thirst for power has shaped many events in Azeroth. He’s the warlock we love to hate!
KhadgarA powerful mage who has been instrumental in the fight against the Burning Legion.Wizard extraordinaire! Khadgar’s youthful spirit and immense power make him a key player against the Burning Legion.
Vol’jinFormer Warchief of the Horde and leader of the Darkspear Trolls.The troll with soul! Vol’jin’s leadership and loyalty to the Horde are legendary. His voodoo vibes are unmatched!
Garrosh HellscreamA former Warchief of the Horde and a central antagonist in the Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor expansions.Oh, Garrosh! Passionate and headstrong, he’s left a mark (and a few craters) on Azeroth as a Warchief.
Uther the LightbringerA legendary paladin and mentor to Arthas.The paladin poster boy! Uther’s dedication to the Light and his tragic connection to Arthas make him unforgettable.
Kael’thas SunstriderLeader of the Blood Elves during their most trying times.Flamboyant and fiery! Kael’thas champions the Blood Elves with style. His phoenix, Al’ar, is just as fabulous!
Bolvar FordragonThe new Lich King after Arthas’s demise.From noble knight to the Lich King’s throne! Bolvar’s sacrifice keeps the undead at bay. A true hero!
Magni BronzebeardFormer King of the Dwarves, now a crystalized speaker for Azeroth itself.Dwarven king turned crystal prophet! Magni’s transformation is a rocky tale, but his love for Azeroth shines bright.
SaurfangA respected orc warrior and leader within the Horde.The orc with honor! Saurfang’s wisdom and battle scars tell tales of Horde pride. A true legend!
Genn GreymaneKing of the Worgen and a staunch ally of the Alliance.King of the Worgen! Genn’s growl and determination make him a fierce ally. Plus, that beard is majestic!
Lady VashjNaga lieutenant and a key figure in the Burning Crusade expansion.The naga queen! With her serpentine elegance, Vashj made waves in Outland. She’s slippery, but oh so captivating!